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5 Places You Should Splurge on For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding budget can be a hard thing to decide. Talking about money can be a stressful and sensitive topic. Being upfront and honest with your future spouse (and your parents, if they’re involved in paying for the wedding!) can go along way when approaching this subject. I believe before contacting any vendors, touring venues or even finalizing the wedding colors, the “budget conversation” should be discussed and mapped out. 

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Here are a few helpful blog posts I’ve found in making your own budget:

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Wedding Cost Estimator (an easy way to figure out how much your dream wedding will cost!)


Now if your budget doesn’t allow, you don’t have to spend TOP dollar on every single vendor to have a beautiful wedding. So here are 5 Places You Should Splurge on For Your Wedding


1. Seating

Nothing brings down the vibe of a wedding with conference chairs for seating. Investing in good quality chairs for your ceremony (which can be moved to the reception area) is key, and a less expensive way to elevate the atmosphere of the wedding!


2.Wedding Planner

Can I just say that if you want to eliminate the stress of wedding day planning, hire a planner!! Hands down, it is one of the most important people you will ever hire for your wedding! I have SO much respect for wedding planners, and the work and effort they put into making your wedding day run smoothly! Having a wedding planner will give you so much peace of mind, as they have your back through the entire wedding process and can bring insight and advice into your day! 


3. Photographer

I know, I know- I’m a photographer, but we photographers help bring the story of your wedding to life. After the flowers die and the guests go home, the photographs and you two are the few visual things left of your wedding day, so hiring a quality photographer that will take good care of you and your future spouse on your wedding day is KEY!!  If you want to know what questions to ask when hiring a photographer- click here

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4. DJ

These are the people that will help make the vibe of your wedding, so spending a little extra on a DJ is totally worth it! A good DJ will know how to mix the perfect songs for your ceremony, pull people onto the dance floor, hype up the reception, and handle all the proper wedding posts and traditional dances.


5. Bridal Bouquet

Now the flowers that you choose for your wedding can elevate your wedding- but I know thousands of dollars can easily be spent for the wedding, so if I could tell you one piece to invest the most in, that would be your bridal bouquet. By far the most photographed piece on your wedding day and just that one bouquet alone can make your wedding look much more high end!


I hope this was helpful in planning your wedding budget and where best to spend your money to make your wedding dreams come to life.  Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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