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Sadie and Noah: Estes Colorado

If we trace it all back, it starts on Instagram… it’s where a lot of things start nowadays.

A friend of a friend’s Instagram story to be exact, and that is where she found a summer intern opportunity for the 2018 Wyoming Governor Campaign.

Over seven hundred miles away with basically no contacts.

Somehow she felt led to, so with that information, she submitted her application.

Sadie had just returned home to Idaho form a missions trip in Africa,  and now was talking to her parents and praying about this opportunity.

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Meanwhile, Noah, who in charge of the department where Sadie had applied was going through and doing a bit of investigation through social media. Pulling up her Instagram account, he saw her profile picture… A gorgeous bleach-blond holding African babies.  His family had adopted twins from Ethiopia and so that was near and dear to his heart. So when seeing her picture, he immediately thought: Oh boy, I’m in trouble.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Sadie’s application was accepted and within 24hours of applying she packed her little Toyota Corolla and headed out to…well to meet her future husband, but at that point, all she knew was that she’s was just going to work the summer in Wyoming.

Taking an accidentally longer scenic tour to her destination, and slightly travel-weary she arrived at the campaign headquarters. Approaching the building with full arms, she pushed on the door and to no avail, it wouldn’t open. The walls were made of glass that was not visible from the outside so Sadie couldn’t see a soul, but inside everyone was watching as she struggled to find a way to open the door.

Finally, it opened, but only because Noah had seen her struggle, and walked across the room and gently pushed the door open, welcoming her to the team.

Stepping inside, Sadie immediately noticed how professional everyone looked. Wearing shorts, tee, and chaos and given her entry, it was the first time she had begin to question her quick decision to come.

But it didn’t take long for Sadie to adjust and soon she was having the craziest and best times of her life. Noah was her supervisor, so they spent a lot of time together and she really respected the person he was. It took an 8-hour car ride for them to see that there was some potential. They talked about everything under the sun, and had a lot in common, and from what Sadie said: “we just vibe well” … After that Sadie knew they were going to be really good friends.

And for Noah? After that conversation, he knew without a doubt that this was the girl he wanted to marry.

Four weeks after Noah opened the door for Sadie, he texted her asking if he could give her a call. And on that call, Noah didn’t just tell her he liked her…he told her he really, really liked her. Sitting in her car, Sadie pressed the phone on mute and banged the steering wheel with excitement, then she proceeded to tell him her feelings for him.  So in September of 2018, they started dating. She had such peace right off to the start, that he was the one.

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As the Campaign ended and Sadie went back to Idaho they continued to make each other a priority and visited each other as often as they could.  “I felt safe and secure with him,” Said said, “There were no red flags in our relationship, and there never was. Of course, we had different opinions but we really respected each other. Our families vibe well together, and there was never any big issues.” Both of them knew they wanted to get married, but Sadie was just waiting for Noah to propose.”We sometimes act like we’re 50 together,” Sadie told me, “and sometimes we act like we’re 5. We always just have so much fun together.”

By this time it was December, and Sadie had dreamed of a Christmas proposal… so it was the beginning of a perfect setting when Sadie and her family had come down to visit for the week.  On a Friday morning, Sadie woke up with a start to see Noah at the end of her bed. He told her that he was talking her out, and wanted to have the “best day ever”.

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That day Noah took her to do all her favorite things. Thrift shopping at different stores, breakfast, exploring Ft. Collins, sharing a dessert, and then a drive up the mountains to look over the city’s twinkling lights and finishing with dinner at a classy restaurant. During that time Sadie didn’t expect anything, except she was concerned when Noah excused himself to the restroom where he spent 10 minutes practicing proposing in front of the mirror. After they finished dinner, they ended their night with a carriage ride. Snuggled underneath the thick blankets they toured around the historic Fort Collins, stopping at an old church in which the doorway was lined with hundreds of candles…to which Sadie genuinely thought was a part of the tour. Their guide encouraged them to go take a picture by the candles, to which they did. After their picture was taken they stood there just hugging and taking at the moment. When Noah whispered, “Sadie, I have something to tell you.”

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Sadie immediately knew what was going on and started bawling as Noah got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever girl.

After the ring was put on her finger, both sides of their families begin to appear from around trees and bushes.   It truly was a magical night, the best day EVER.

The next day, December 22nd, 2018 I get a FaceTime request from Sadie. I open it up and see a hand with a sparkly ring, and behind it a beaming face of my bestie. I still have that screenshot on my phone, and it’s still to this day the best FaceTime I’ve ever had!

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Fast forward less than six months later, surrounded by their family and friends on a beautiful summer day in Idaho they were tied to knot.

Last month I got to visit them in Colorado where we took a road trip up to Estes Mountain, and I may be biased, but I know it’s still true, they are one flaming hot couple.  I love these two, and seeing them makes my heart so happy as they build a life together.

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