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My Birthday Wisdom- Eighteen in 18

During every birthday in my family (most likely when eating breakfast in bed), we gather around the birthday person as they ponder and share one thing they have learned over the XX years of their life.  Many of the lessons shared were something character building, and some were amusing, but most of those lessons would be learned over and over again.

So today, on my 18th birthday I’m not sharing one, but 18 lessons I’ve learned (and still learning) with you….

1. You will become like those you surround yourself with.

2.  Resilience is necessary.

3. The foam on grass is bug spit.

4. Just because you’re not good at something now, doesn’t mean that you will never get there.

5. The outside may not always reflect what’s on the inside.

6. Tomato paste does not equal spaghetti sauce.

7. It’s not possible to be bitter and grateful at the same time (choose grateful).

8. Being in business for yourself is a romantic idea, yet in reality it is hard AND rewarding.

Boy, this is hard…ten more to go!

9. Wishing you were a long distance runner doesn’t make you one.

10. If you make your bed every morning, that’s at least ONE thing you’ve accomplished by the time you climb in it at night.

11. Don’t look at what others have- make your own goals and earn what you want.

12. Planning, strategizing and preparing is the easy part… following it through to completion is where the work is done.

13. Roy G. Vib is not a name.

14. Grace is something to extend freely.

15. Caramel and cookie dough are very fattening.

16. ANY time in life is something to savor, even when it’s not enjoyable.

17. Eat ice cream any time you can.

18. Take one day at a time, for its trouble and joy are enough for its own.

So those are mine…. What’s one lesson you would say YOU’VE learned in the last year? Comment below!!


Photo by the amazing Ariana Johnson 

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  1. Anna says:

    “3. The foam on grass is bug spit.” LOL

  2. Thomas Mahat says:

    To seek first the Kingdom of God! The rest is just noise!

  3. Maggie says:

    Great post! My favorite was number 16.

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