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What to know about Wedding Videography

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with a videographer and good friend, Paul Leavitt, who specializes in videography. He broke down the different types of videos for weddings, as well as how to find a videographer that’s a good fit for you and your fiancee!

He started out by describing two different types of videography to consider: Highlight film and Full-Length video.

A Highlight Film, (usually 4-12 minutes in length), is focused on capturing the most emotional parts of the day to tell the whole story of the wedding.

It’s like fruit juice… highly concentrated.


It is where a videographer’s personal art shines in capturing angles, close-ups, and stunning drone footage. It highlighting the energy, passion, and let you ride the rollercoaster of emotions from your wedding day. I promise it will be a video that you will watch over, and over and over again!

A Full-Length Video is where the whole day is captured, so after your wedding, you will have documentation of what happened at the wedding, what your bridesmaids and groomsmen said, and who was all at your wedding.  This allows you to see what the whole day was like as a guest.


It’s something that you might not watch all the time, yet it will be really special to play on your wedding anniversary… transporting you back to what it looked like every minute of the day.

Although having both a Highlight video and Full-Length video is ideal, it may not be possible for the wedding budget. From Paul’s experience creating wedding films all across the country, If you have to pick just one, he strongly suggests going with the highlight video. I know from personal experience the highlight video will be the one that will be rewatched over and over again- it will be the one that’s posted on Facebook and the one your bridesmaids will cry over and over again. (Helllllo! I did this and you can see the video right here!)

Paul also noted that when finding a videographer for your wedding, you should try to book at least six months before the wedding date. He says that a good videographer is one that will be unnoticed throughout the day, works with your photographer as a team, stays calm under pressure, as well as being ready to stay for the whole day. It’s important to pay attention to personalities and make sure that you mesh well with them, in addition to loving their video style.

With the digital age in full force, videography is another incredible way to bring the feeling back of what the wedding day looked like through the years of your marriage (whether you watch the highlight video (with tissue in hand), or snuggled on the couch watching your full wedding day)!

Paul is an international videographer, specializing in wedding and corporate videography. If he’s not out on a job, you can find him sipping hot chocolate in local coffee shops, or spending time with his lovely wife Kathrina in Portland, Oregon.  

You can find him on:


What to know about Wedding Videography



Only 10 years ago, professional wedding videography was considered a luxury, but now, thanks to the digital age, it’s almost as common as having a photographer!





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