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April 12, 2019

Three C Rule for Social Media

Social media- anyone else has a love/hate relationship with it? In the midst of writing some of my thoughts down, I came up with my three C’ rule o keep my mind in check.


Here to connect with others-double tapping on their posts, sending encouraging messages and leaving uplifting comments.


It’s easy to compare what others have going on for them, but what if we could just take a second and turn that comparison to the celebration? The unhealthy feelings of jealousy and unworthiness have way less room in one’s mind.

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Sometimes one just needs to get off the app and go live life. The world of Instagram will be there waiting when getting back…promise.

Connect. Celebrate. Close. (Would it be tacky if I added a “BOOM” at the end of that?)

These three words I’ve found super helpful to remember when I feel myself struggling with navigating the online space.

Creating Boundaries in social media

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