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May 2, 2018

The Portland Cookie Dough Cafe

When I received an email from Julia about doing a shoot for them, I was ecstatic!  I had just visited their Portland Cookie Dough Café, and I mean, as you all know… I love cookie dough, so… getting to photograph it felt like a dream fulfilled that I didn’t even know that I had!

The Cookie Dough Café was started by two sisters, Julia and Joan. And from the beginning of their business, it was their DREAM to open an actual retail location that served cookie dough.

They first started selling to local supermarkets, and then they appeared on Shark Tank!! (It’s Season 05 Episode 16 for those who want to see these gals hold their own amongst the Sharks!).  After that appearance, their business expanded into larger stores, such as Walmart and my personal favorite, NewSeasons!  And just before my visit, I also discovered they had just been able to get their cookie dough into Wrigley Field (yes, where the Cubs play)!

I was so honored to work with these #girlbosses, who have been working hard to make their business come to life!

Photographing at the Cookie Dough Café was such a sweet experience (pun intended, and true!).

Over and over again, the most rewarding part of my job is the people I get to meet (Julia and her husband Todd were no exception)! It almost felt like we’d been friends for a long time, and they bent over backwards for anything I needed during my time with them!

It was also a huge pleasure to have my friend, Paul, of Leavitt Visuals there making an amazing video from behind the scenes… both of the shoot AND what going to the Cookie Dough Café is like!! After we’d photographed everything, Julia had Paul and I step up to the counter and she filled a bag for each of us with, you guessed it, COOKIE DOUGH!!

I do have to say my new favorite flavor is Confetti…  Deary, it is so GOOD!! That being said, if you’re ever in Portland area, do check them out, and here’s what you can expect!!


the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe-sign Oreo-cookie-doughthe-portland-cookie-dough-cafe

the-portland-cookie-dough-cafetillamonk-ice-cream-the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe  the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe-cookie-dough-ice-cream-sandwich

the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe   the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe-lone-waffle-cone




the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe-m&m-cookie-dough-ice-cream-sandwich  the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe-baked-cookies


the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe-baked-cookies the-portland-cookie-dough-cafethe-portland-cookie-dough-cafe the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe

the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe   the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe-stools   the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe the-portland-cookie-dough-cafe-Chocolate Vegan Cookie Dough Cone


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