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July 22, 2019

How I’m Staying Present in The Moment

Opening up an old hard drive I begin to aimlessly look at family pictures…memories begin to flood my mind.
Taken aback of the many forgotten experiences, and adventures… how scores of precious moments have flown by.
It made me cringe to remember the many times I’ve lost the joy of being present in some of those memories. Forgoing the beauty of the moment with the people that mean most to me for something I thought was more important.
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It was a bittersweet reminder.
I want to take every moment captive. To take the time to look in their eyes and listen- fully present. Memorize every part of their face…every dimple, birthmark, and wrinkle.
To engrain the twinkle in their eye and smile to my memory. And be able to recall their joyous laughter in my heart.

To stay present in the moment.
I don’t want time to pass by without fully appreciating those who I love and cherish.

Look up, my friend. Life changes fast.


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