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How it’s Going After One Year Moving A Thousand Miles From Home

I’ve been living in Colorado for one year.

One year since I packed up my car and drove from my home in rural Oregon down to Fort Collins, Colorado. 

In some ways it doesn’t feel real to move a thousand miles away from home. A home that holds fifteen years of memories, and from the people that I’ve lived my entire life with. 

Ug I can feel my eyes getting heavy and my tear ducts gearing up…I’m not going to cry. Not in the middle of a coffee shop. 

It’s one of the hardest/best decisions I’ve made.

I went from being a full time photographer, losing a job after two weeks, to being a nanny for four months, to being a full time photographer, traveling for work (about twenty plane rides later) and starting another business.

It’s been a fast paced busy year. 

I’ve met some amazing people this year.

Explored Colorado’s INCREDIBLE beauty (obsessed with this state is an understatement). 

I’ve learned how to grocery shop and cook for one.

Budget better. Manage anxiety and stress. 

Problem solving quicker. 

Manage my time efficiently. 

Really find out what it means to be a Christian, and pursue a relationship with Christ without the influences that I grew up with. 

I’m more confident as a person. I wanted to see if I could live on my own. I wanted to explore new places. Meet new people.

And yeah, I’m doing it.

But I miss being with my family. Always having someone to talk to. To do something with. I don’t sleep well anymore, and I’m living with less of a safety net. 

Also your laundry doesn’t automatically get done. 

(If you’re reading this mom, I truly appreciate all the laundry you’ve done for me.)

I’m not here to sugar coat my one year anniversary here in Colorado, but to share the truth. It’s been both a really good year and a hard year. 

You can do the things that scare you. There’s no box that defines your limits, I’ll attest to that.

There’s no kind of satisfaction like doing the hard work and breaking through obstacles. Whether they are real life barriers or hurdles in your own mind. 

Cheers to one incredible year.

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I’ve been living in Colorado for one year. One year since I packed up my car and drove from my home in rural Oregon.


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