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May 29, 2019

How to Create Your Wedding Vision Board With Pinterest

Alright, you beautiful bride-to-be! Fess up; we all know that you’ve been saving ideas on your Pinterest board for years. In just a few short steps I’m going to teach you how to create your wedding vision board with Pinterest!

You probably have thousands of pinned ideas. And before you meet with your planner or reach out to wedding vendors; the best idea would be to narrow it down a few. 😉

To around 9 images.

Before you want to send me hate mail (just kidding, you’re too nice!), let me explain an easy and fun process to narrow down your Pinterest dreams, to create a clear vision

1. Go through your images and write down common patterns. Colors, themes, and vibes.

2. Come up with one to three sentences that describe your ideas.

For example: Minimal and modern. Maroon and blush infused with white. Joyful, timeless and refined.

3. Start a new board.

I like to first search the ascetic of the colors I’ve chosen- for an example “blush ascetic.” It’s a chance to cultivate some new ideas that aren’t necessarily inspired by past weddings!

images via Pinterest 

Then narrow start with your ideas using keywords from your two sentences previously written out, as an example: modern pink and white wedding bouquets

Here’s a list of images to have:

-Type of venue

-Your dress inspiration

-Floral ideas

-Invitation suite

-Bridesmaid attire

-Groom attire

-Cake or dessert idea

-Reception decor vibe

-Ceremony backdrop or Food Idea

4. Save the images, and make a collage using your favorite app.


I enjoy the Photoshop app, and you can see the image below I create with the example information we discussed throughout the process!

image via Pinterest 

This simple (and fun!) exercise will help you better determine the vision for your wedding day, and bring clarity as you select your vendors and share your wedding dreams with others!

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