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5 tips to make your Senior Pictures Bomb!

No, not the boring pictures at school, but something much more fun! We’re talking all about getting dolled up, grabbing your bestie, hitting some of your favorite places around and getting beautiful pictures of yourself! I hope this post helps you prepare for your senior session if you want even more pro tips and tricks I made something special with you in mind! Grab a free 12-page guide to walk you through everything you need to do before your senior session!

I get it! You’re so excited for your senior year… this is it! You’ve almost made it and now it’s time to think about senior pictures. For some, it’s an intimidating thought, and for others, it’s something they can’t WAIT for!  Whichever it is for you, this post is to help you experience the BEST time getting your senior pictures done!

2019 & 2020 Senior Spokesmodel Sunrise Shoot Wooden Shoe Tulip Fields, Woodburn, Oregon

1. Pick out your clothes well in advance

This will give you time to think about what to wear and love it!  Make it fun by assigning a bestie the job of helping you! Browse Pinterest Boards (link in my boards), ask her what she thinks your style is! Take her with you as you try on clothes or shop for them online! These are YOUR senior pictures! You want to love them NOW and for YEARS to come, so spend some thought and time picking out what you want to wear.

Portland Oregon Spring Senior Pictures

2. Professional hair and makeup

This is something that I HIGHLY recommend! It can be a little intimidating being in front camera, so why not give yourself a boost of confidence and have a professional take care of your hair and makeup? Something to accent the beauty you already have!  I have a handful of talented makeup artists that I work with- they are unbelievably talented and as sweet as pie! I make sure my seniors have the best makeup around! You may feel like it may be too much, but I promise you will love the end result! Besides, you’re only a senior ONCE!


3. Bring a bestie along!

When I had MY senior pictures done, I had them done with my best friends! It made me more relaxed and I had 2x as much fun! Bring your bestie along to help with the outfits you picked out together, make you smile and have some photographs taken together as well! Oh, and another thing, they can do Instagram stories or SnapChat for you too!


4. Follow your photographer on Instagram

I know this one sounds a little weird, but trust me it will make your senior pictures so much more comfortable when you know your photographer, and get a little bit more used to them on social media so you can know more what to expect on your session!  As a photographer I can personally attest to this-  Aaliyah and I connected on Instagram, and here’s what she shared from her session!

“Kelby seemed like such an amazing person and I was dying to meet her and work with her! She is such a wonderful and caring person and GIRL HAS SOME TALENT! Working with Kelby was such a great experience and she was the best at hyping me up and making me feel confident!”


5. Don’t stress it!

Simply enjoy the process!  If outfits come together at the last minute… fine. No professional hair and makeup? Okay!  Just wear it a little heavier than normal! It’s completely normal for everything not to come together as planned. Do what you can and enjoy the ride!

If you loved these tips and want more, I’ve got you covered!! I create a FREE 12-page handbook to walk you through your senior session prep! Click here to download it and have it delivered straight to your mailbox!

Booking your senior session!

I want you to feel beautiful and capture you in a real, unfiltered way. That means no heavy edited photographs, or crazy white teeth… the images will reflect who you are. So that you can remember this moment in life forever!  Download your guide and like what you see, use the form below to schedule your session!

Cooper Mountain Park Session

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