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March 7, 2019

February – Trying New Things

Every month this year, I’m trying something new…

This FebuaryI had some “workcation” with my BFF and she’s a Krav fighter. I figured it would be a new fun thing to try for February so she and I signed up at a local gym.

We clocked over 13 hours in 4 days.

I was kicked several times across the room, punched in the eye, and did drills with a guy that had biceps the size of my head.

The first day I woke up feeling like I’d been through multiple car crashes.

And according to Anna, her class was at least 2x as tough, so I still need to go to AZ for the ultimate test, but for now, I’m content with a few days of fighting.

Do you enjoy more technique exercising, or you good with the more treadmill type workout?


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