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Custom Gifting with Gumption and Gleam Gifting Studio


Alyssa and Marissa are twin sisters who take gift giving to a memorable level. Gumption and Gleam Gifting Studio  has both off-the-shelf AND personalized gift packages designed with you, specific to your occasion and/or industry.

Having created our Spokesmodel gifts together, I can personally attest to their genuine care for their clients (and attention to detail)!  They are incredible to work with… professional, friendly, and I can’t help but love their business! I am obviously excited to introduce their service to you!

So without any further ado, let’s meet Gumption and Gleam Gifting Studio with Alyssa and Marissa!


What is a gifting company?

We partner with so many wonderful small businesses that allow us to use their beautiful handcrafted products. This allows us to create unique gifts, as well as support other hard-working small businesses owners.

Our specialty is creating beautiful and simple one of a kind gifts.

Our mission is making gift giving easy and fun. Whether for small business looking to add gifting to your client experience, or someone who just wants to give a unique gift to a friend.  We know that not everyone has the time to put together a beautiful gift and that is why we are here. We want to give people one less thing to worry about.


What does a gifting company do (behind the scenes)?

There are quite a few things that go on behind the scenes. When we are not working on gift assembly and taking care of our lovely customers, we are usually product sourcing and coming up with new designs for gift boxes. We love looking for new products and coming up with different gift designs around those products.



What inspired you to become a #girlbosses?

Throughout college, we knew we wanted to start our own business. We didn’t want to follow the same cookie cutter plan of going to college and then getting a job in what we majored in.  And there is nothing wrong with that, but after working a few part-time jobs, we knew we wanted to have something of our own.

What also motivated us was our mom. She is the hardest working person we know. She went to school and had a full-time job and always giving it her all.  She always works so hard, but is underappreciated at work and we didn’t want that to happen to us. She has always helped us and we wanted to in return be able to help our family.


We began to put some ideas together and started testing the waters of running our own business.  After a few trial and errors… we came across a business that sells gift boxes and we thought “I bet that would be fun!” We have always enjoyed putting together gifts for family and friends, so we thought we could help others who don’t time to put a gift together. We began to do some research on other gifting companies, and even talked to a few of those lovely business owners.  After getting a lot of advice and tips, we started creating a plan for our business.


What is it like working together as sisters? What roles do you play?

It’s fun being able to work together. As twin sisters, we are very close and have a good understanding of each other. For example, we each understand what the other is trying to say and how we want something done.

Working together can sometimes have its challenges.  There are times when we disagree with each other on decisions, but we always eventually agree on what is best for our business. Another thing about working together is that we can split the work in half.

I (Alyssa) am in charge of the customer service, social media and the photography. Marissa is in charge of email marketing, website copy and shipping/packaging.  And together we both are in charge of gift box designs and product sourcing.


What inspires you in creating your gifts?

There are two things that inspire us, one is beautiful photography. We love going on Pinterest and looking for a beautiful photo that inspires us. However, we do try to stay away looking at other gift boxes. We want our gifts to be unique so we stay away from looking at what others have done. The second thing that inspires us is the products themselves. We love beautiful packaging-when we find a product that we absolutely love, we try to design a gift around that product.

Do you want a memorable gift experience for someone in your life?  From wedding party gifts to housewarming and thank you gifts… be sure to consider who in your life deserves your gratitude at this level, then reach out to Alyssa and Marisa at Gumption and Gleaming Gifting Studio!






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