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Ciara and Payton: Oregon Engagement Session

He had no clue, absolutely no clue how this night was going to change his life forever. 

 Nineteen-year-old Payton agreed to be a DD for his sister and (now ex) boyfriend.

So begins the evening at Mcmenamins in Corvallis, Oregon. 

A group of girls were sitting across the bar, and the boyfriend begins talking and flirting with the two of them.

Ciara was the third and wasn’t having any of it.

She saw Payton watching the whole ordeal motioned him over and abruptly asked him if he had put the guy up to this

Payton informed her that was just as clueless, and from there they struck up a conversation. Ciara at first using her reliable conversation starter of her parent’s four chocolate labs, but she didn’t really need much else to make the conversation flow with this cute nice stranger in glasses.

They lost track of time as they begin to talk, and at the end of the night as they begin to leave, Payton’s sister urged him to give her his number… Resisting the idea, he argued that he was completely sure that Ciara wouldn’t care to call or text.

After a bit more convincing, he ripped up a piece of the menu, and on the back scribbled his name and digits on it and slid it to Ciara as she left. 

Perhaps one of the greatest wrong assumptions Payton has made was thinking that Ciara wouldn’t reach out after that night…Because less than twenty minutes later, his phone lit up with a message from her. 

And two days later, they were on their first date over coffee. 

After that date, Payton knew that he wanted to spend a whole lot more time with Ciara. Sharing a lot of things in common and they were “die-hard gym bros” as Payton put it.  Over game night and lots of gym time and deep conversations they bonded really quickly. 

Payton shares: 

I can feel like I can be completely myself on Ciara. Bounce ideas off of her, always there to fall back on.  And don’t let her tell you otherwise, Ciara is beautiful.  There was never one moment where I was like “Dang I wanted to be with this girl forever” but it was this short time that we really just bonded.

Ciara Shares:  

It took me a while to get in a space to let someone in, the more time and more years that we spent together, it meant more to me that he wanted to stick around.  I love how Payton is totally himself, super caring. We both have a high level of respect for each other

Payton always seems to have me in front of his thoughts and we’ve seen each other grow and help support each other and being there for our first real milestones. Graduating from college, and first real jobs. We always have fun together, we can just be talking on the couch…He’s my best friend.

We’ve put in a lot of work into our relationships. It’s not a fairy tale, it’s not Disney. We have hard conversations, our intentions are good and want the best for each other. Always having each other’s backs….being together, it just felt right.  You have to work for it, to have the desire to care and work out your problems together.

The Proposal:

Ciara was on her toes and was taking any hit or inkling that she could see that Payton was going to propose, meaning he had faked it (completely accidentally to him!) several times. So she got a little discouraged… and she stop trying to look for hints.

 Payton had no clue of Ciara’s suspicion had been planning a proposal for a month, and had played out different spots and situations in his mind…. 

Payton’s dream was to propose on the rooftop of a bar with the Christmas tree from Pioneer square in the background but there were lots of white tents blocking the view so there was a little spot where you could see the tree but there were at least thirty people standing in line to take pictures…

Payton, a man who was about to ask one of the most monumental questions in his life was getting more nervous with every second. Sweating at dinner, and uncomfortable, reconsidered proposing with so many people. But there’s no time like now he determined and with that as they posed in front of the tree to take a picture, he bent down on one knee, Ciara was in shock…IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! And before he had a chance to give his spiel (as Payton put it) she started screaming! 

And after she started screaming gave an enthusiastic “yes” after she stopped screaming. There was a crowd of people around the happy couple and they all cheered for them as Payton slipped a large diamond on Ciara’s finger.

Wedding anticipation from Payton:

I can’t wait to see Ciara in her dress looking all dolled up looking beautiful and becoming my WIFE Oh and the party.

Wedding anticipation from Ciara:

“Ciara, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”  I think about those words a lot because HE ASKED TO MARRY ME. I gag at romantic things, Payton confirmed it, but this is the one time  and it’s gonna be such a cool day, I’m excited about so many things..See my girls and the songs we’re going to play, and I look forward to all the romance and specialness our day will bring.

A note from Kelby:

Within a few minutes of meeting Ciara and Peyton for the first time, I knew we were going to hit it off. These are adventurous, willing, and genuine souls… I had to pinch myself at the end of the night because we had so much freakin’ fun! The “toaster” will forever be the best inside joke and I can’t wait for their wedding next year when we’ll be at the Aerial at Eagle Landing with my girl from Emily from YPB!

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