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May 29, 2018

Cathedral Park Anniversary Session – Pete and Jordan

I was spending some time watching Instagram stories one afternoon, and that’s when I saw her. Jordan popped into stories as an ad, promoting a free guide for WordPress sites (so I clicked over).

But the funny part? Guys, I don’t even have a WordPress site!

Naturally, I checked them out on Instagram– and gave them a follow…never guessing three months later I would actually meet them!  So amazing how God orchestrates things!

Pete and Jordan are adventurous newlyweds… running a business while travelling across the country in a RV with their sweet German Shepherd, Russ.  They both studied abroad, and after a year of dating, Pete and Jordan left their corporate jobs and went on a 4-month backpacking trip across Central and South America.

They loved to travel and realized that they hadn’t really travelled the United States much so before they were married last year,  Pete threw out the idea of living in an RV.  At first, Jordan thought it was a crazy idea, but then she got on board and here they are! They are successfully growing their business while getting to see so many incredible places (and meet new people)!  And they love Jesus. I could tell they were totally on fire for Christ because it shines in whatever they do.  Their adventures on Instagram give evidence of that vivacious love for Christ!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with these two at Cathedral Park!  Their love for each other is the sweetest, and my hope is that you will see it shining through their photos.

Pete and Jordan, if there is any possible way you could move to Oregon I would be so excited (and show up on your doorstep with a de-li-cious welcome pie)!!!   In the meantime, I hope these pictures remind you of your love for each other, the beautiful places you’ve been able to see, and your adventurous faith!




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