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November 8, 2017

Call Your Mom – Food for Thought

call your mom

As I rounded the corner in the little boutique shop, I noticed an elderly women and her daughter looking at decorative signs. The younger of the two lingered on a particular sign. As she picked it up, her shoulders drooped and her head slightly bowed as she read the short words imprinted on the plaque, “Call your Mom.” The elderly women standing just a pace behind her spoke up saying, almost regretfully, “You know, he has made his own decisions and is living his own life.”

“I just thought it was funny,” muttered her daughter as she slowly set the sign down. Her tone revealed her feelings. It was meant to be a joke, hoping to pass it off as no big deal…but it was the exact opposite.


It meant a lot to her, and she truly missed her son.

As I continued to peruse the little store, I could not help but think of all the other mothers and people for that matter who feel the same way…hurt, betrayed and forgotten. Now, I’m not one to judge whether her son loved his mom (I surely hoped he does), yet she obviously felt alienated from him.

This instance was a painful reminder that there are people in our lives that so badly want to be and feel connected. Yet, we can often become blissfully caught up in what we are doing, not even giving a second thought to reaching out to those that love us (and desperately want to hear from us)!

I’m definitely not an expert on the subject and am surely not perfect for staying in touch. Overhearing these two ladies simply reminded me that a quick phone call to check in, or even leaving a message to let them know I was thinking about them, can mean the world to someone.

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call your mom

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