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Botching the Recipe of Discontentment

I’ll work harder.

I’ll strive to be the best at whatever I put my hands to.

I’ll push myself to excel and avoid failure at all costs…. I’ll work to be perfect. (There was a heck of a lot of “I” in those sentences, weren’t there? )

That thinking is a recipe for discontentment, which fosters depression, and breeds anxiety.

It’s drowning.

Perfectionism is an idol. It’s pushing the strength of God’s grace away, thinking that “I” can do it on my own will and discipline. And that when “I” fail, that “I” am not good enough.

Which is true. Relying on my own efforts will never, ever be good enough.

It is faulty to proclaim any feeble effort I have made on my own, but If I am to boast it can only be in what God has done in me, to show His glory in the broken places in my life and the shattered pieces of my heart.

That is the power of the Gospel.

Jesus’s giving His perfect record to whoever accepts it.
Accepting His gift breaks the chains of sin, and for the rest of our days on earth is the process of sanctification.

To become more like Christ, rejoicing in the ups and downs of whatever that may entail.

To be given that gift.

To accept it.

To be reminded.

It brings freedom, oh it brings freedom indeed.
Galatians 2:20

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