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Best Three Books to Read Right Now

I was banned from books when I was a kid. Mainly because I was addicted to reading and nothing else got done in my life. Books are magic, they take you places you could never go. They show, teach and share experiences. As an adult I try to always have a few books on hand to open my mind, and expand my horizons. Here’s three of my favorite recent reads from 2021.

Marketing Made Simple – Donald Miller 

I love all things business and this book by donald miller breaks down a timeless system of marketing in a simplistic fool proof way. I have the workbook on my desk to start implementing some of what I’ve learned into my businesses! 

Atomic Habits -James Clear

Our life is a series of habits, and learning to be conscious of them is huge when wanting to create healthy habits. This book breaks things down step by step on how habits are created, how to spot negative habits  and how to replace them positive productive habits. It’s on my must read list.

Be. by Jessica Zweig

The foundations of this book are amazing, straightforward and empowering. I highly recommend it for someone who’s looking to add a personal touch to their brand! There’s a lot of language, and spirituality from Jessica’s perspective that I don’t endorse, but a really good read nonetheless.

I try to always have a few books on hand, and here are three of my favorite recent reads that should be on your reading list too!

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