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Our Arizona Friends Come for a Visit Recap

Our mothers were friends before we were born (they met at work right after Mrs. Dales was married 25 years ago in Arizona). Over those years, Mrs. Dales had three girls (Lisa, Anna and Jessie) and my mom also married, having children of her own. So, the first years of my life we spent a lot of time with the Dales. We have many, many memories at their house… from riding horses, celebrating lots of birthdays and painting balloons in their front yard. It was Lisa, the oldest, who actually sparked my love for photography. We have so much history with them, yet one of my favorite things I share to illustrate our relationship is how Mrs. Dales was a bridesmaid in my mom’s wedding, and I was a bridesmaid in Lisa’s wedding.

It blows me away how our friendship has grown throughout the years!

After my family and I moved to Oregon, I’ve kept in close contact and have visited them in Arizona many times. Lisa has come up to Oregon in the past and Anna came up this summer, yet I’d never thought I’d see the day where they would ALL come up! The girls (Anna and Jessie) surprised their parents with tickets to visit us for their 25th wedding anniversary… and we convinced them that they should come up too! Lisa, her husband David and their little adorable son, Jackson, also made it possible for them to come by taking care of all their animals while they were here.

Their time here flew by WAY TOO FAST, so we’re already plotting and planning for their NEXT visit… yet here are a few highlights (and iPhone photos) from our time together this past month:

-Picking them up at the Portland airport near midnight, then staying up chatting until 3 in the morning!

Waiting to pick them up! We’re so excited!

-Going to the beach, horseback riding, eating s’mores and hot dogs over a camp fire, taking hikes and a nap (chatting to 3am does the spirit, but not the body good)!

-A boat ride with my older brother, Timothy, who took Anna and Jessie for a several hour trip up and down the Nehalem River. It was their first “boating experience,” and from the expression on both of their faces, I think they enjoyed it!

-Being squished in the back of the Yukon. Wherever we went, one or two noble hearts were sitting in the small row…squished.

-Talking… even with the lights off until midnight (which made for another sleepy morning)! 🙂

-Going to the cutest café. This was the coolest little place! I’m usually a little picky about restaurant food, and this place completely passed the test! I was so excited to eat at a place where the food actually tasted so good… and the property/nursery was adorable!! I really enjoyed my pumpkin waffle and can’t wait to go back!!

-Hearing them ‘OOOH’ all the time! Being from Phoenix, Arizona, they are used to earth tones, concrete and hot weather. And this gorgeous fall season “wowed” them to the max. They probably took a couple thousand photographs while they were here (no lie), and they’d would be constantly saying things like “Oh.. that’s wild”, “That’s Gorgeous”, and “I can’t believe you guys LIVE here!” It really gave me a fresh perspective on the beauty that is constantly surrounding us.

-Going to Camp 18. A must when we have out of town friends, it’s a restaurant and memorial dedicated to loggers and has photographs and old logging equipment that show much of the history and charter of the area . The restaurant also has HUGE serving!! I think Jessie’s burger filled her up 😛


-Planning and counting down the days till the next time we see each other again. Yes, we spent time planning it while they were still here… and cannot wait!!




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