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January 8, 2019

8 in 18 – A Year in Review

I will be the first to raise my hand and say that this year FLEW by. Like really-I am still in shock that it’s already 2019. I have a small feeling that I’ll probably feel this way every single year, and so one of the things I’ve been pursuing is just to be present and enjoy the moments.  A hard thing for a type A personality, but I believe that it’s a good thing.

Anyways! I wanted to spend a second to reflect a bit, sharing some of my top highlights from this past year with you.  Because while it flew by, a lot was happening along the way!


I sent a DM to Sarah on Instagram, then several months and hours of talking later, I visited her and her family at their farm in Iowa! It’s one of my top highlights.  From riding in a cherry picker to see the view of an entire town, to staying up and watching Jane Austen videos, swimming in their pond, nightly sheep chores, and enjoying her mother’s delicious poached egg toast (their family favorite and now mine too!). It’s a trip I’ll cherish for the rest of my life- and I can’t wait to do more traveling this next year!

8 in 18 - A Year in Review

8 in 18 - A Year in Review

8 in 18 - A Year in Review


8 in 18 - A Year in Review


On a business note its been fun to see my work in wedding blogs like The Glittery Bride or pop up on KGW8 to name a few!



My Clients

This will probably ALWAYS be a highlight EVERY YEAR! My clients have been the most amazing people ever… and they become like a small family! I have loved being able to come into their lives at some of the most exciting times and be able to bring their stories to life. It’s been so incredible to encourage others in both hard and great times. One of my favorite moments was being the first to know one of my past KM Brides is pregnant- you’ll be seeing her maternity session this spring!

Oregon wedding photographer

My first 2019 senior spokesmodel team has been a huge and amazing part of this year as well! My girls are so special to me, and I’m so excited to watch them graduate this year and launch into life!!   Class of 2020 applications are open right now and the team looks like it’s going to quadruple in size-EEEEK! I’m stoked to watch it grow and get to welcome and encourage new girls this next year!!

Summer Dock Party-1030


Vendor collaborations are a huge highlight this year- I have been so honored to work with so many talented individuals and create some amazing work! I’ve truly been blown away by the quality of people I have met with genuine passion and love for what they do.  I enjoyed it so very much, that I’ve been excitedly filling my calendar with many more collaborations for the year!

Classic World War II Aviation Wedding Inspiration-1641

Cookie Dough Cafe

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I ADORE cookie dough… so much that I knew I HAD to visit the Cookie Dough Café!  They reached out to me after posting a picture about my visit there on Instagram, and we had a blast working together several times this year! Julia and Todd, who own and run the shop are just the coolest people, and boy howdy is their cookie dough AHHMAZING!! Working with them has been a dream project!

Check out my visits to the cafe!

My First Visit

Styled Cookie Dough

National Cookie Dough Day
8 in 18 - A Year in Review

8 in 18 - A Year in Review

Running 8 miles

As many of you know, my running journey in 2018 was very challenging, yet quite rewarding! When I was writing down some goals that I had for 2018, I put down 6 miles… Well, I actually surpassed that by running a few 8-mile runs! I realized how able I was to do it more and more, yet it was the mental battle which was the hardest of all to conquer.  It felt really good to be able to accomplish that, and while I’m changing up my exercise routine for this year, I’m really proud of the fact that I stuck to and improved my running!

8 in 18 - A Year in Review

Tough Mudder

I’ve never considered myself as an athletic person, yet when a dear family friend invited my brother to join him this last year, I just invited myself to go along, too!  I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I love to challenge myself, so I signed up and started training.  If I’m honest, training went okay- I slacked off towards the end and I was a bit apprehensive as the day arrived.

8 in 18 - A Year in Review

We woke up early to take the trip to Black Diamond, Washington.  When we arrived there were hundreds of people there- and it was FREEZING! It was VERY muddy, to say the least, but it was so much easier than I thought, and the team we went with was fantastic! The obstacle course was challenging as most of them involved ice cold freezing muddy water- plus it was pouring rain with wind!  There was one point I almost cried because I was so cold, yet it ended well, was so much fun and we went to Burgerville afterward…eating to our heart’s content (which was a TON of food!).  Oh, and we got the tee-shirt. 🙂 Definitely a highlight of the year!

8 in 18 - A Year in Review

Teaching 4-H Photography Workshop

4-H has been a huge part, not only of my life but of my family’s for several years now. And though I’m not a 4-Her any longer, it was a joy to come back and teach about photography to kids. I still remember being their ages and having the same fascination with taking pictures, so it was an extra great privilege to teach them, hoping to cultivate that passion in them! Kelby-Maria-095306


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